Vivid Designs got its start as just a vision in early 2016 by Founder/Owner, Jessie Armstrong, and became a reality in early 2018. We are looking to help new businesses get a leg-up in a highly competitive world where consumers are overwhelmed with marketing images and messages. Our goal is to help you stand out. Vivid Designs provides leading branding and design services, including: logo design, brand discovery, branded material design, design consulting, and more. We also provide printing and shipment services with best rates and quality. We are making businesses STAND OUT with vivid design work that helps them rise above their competition.

Contact us today for a design estimate. We are happy to sit down and make your vision come to life.

Our Team
Jessie Armstrong

Jessie Armstrong began her design career in her early 20s by designing logos for friends in exchange for food. She now has over 10 years of graphic design experience and is passionate about the power of branding and effective messaging in marketing.
Cara Van Valkenburg
Graphic Designer

Cara is a Boise native and is always eager to soak up the inspiration that Idaho provides. She graduated from Boise State University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts with an emphasis in Graphic Design. Design is her true passion! Cara works full time as a Promotions Coordinator for Health Services at Boise State University but loves the opportunity to do freelance design. She enjoys all things creative and appreciates having a variety of projects to work on. Outside of designing sh
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